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Founded in 1953 as the first privately owned shipping carrier in Korea, Namsung Shipping is prepared to meet your shipping needs with our professional personnel and competitive services.

Namsung Shipping leads logistics innovation in Asia with 19 owned ships, more than 400 trained employees and a cutting-edge IT system connecting 6 ports in Korea, 34 in Japan, 10 in China and 7 in intra-Asia. Our commitment and devotion during the past sixty years have made it possible to grow into one of the most reputable shipping companies in Korea.

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Announcing: PMX Service

Namsung’s newest Manila - Busan shuttle service.

Inquire and book today.

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  • Manila - Busan shuttle with only 6-7 days transit time

  • 2-4 connecting vessels per POD for faster connection and maximum flexibility

  • Wide coverage of Japan with 5 baseports and 27 outports

  • Servicing imports from Korea, China and Japan